Pipeline to Jesus



The first meeting of Pipeline to Jesus was held on November 17th, 1980 at the family owned Pipe Organ Restaurant on 6th and Oklahoma Avenue in Milwaukee. The Lord spoke to Annette saying,

Pipe Organ Pizza will become a Pipeline to Jesus,

making it neutral ground and easier for people to know my name.

Pipeline to Jesus moved to Midway Motor Lodge in 1985. It was an International Ministry and hosted speakers from all over the world.  Pipeline to Jesus started at the present location in 2005.  Pipeline to Jesus has been guided by its founder, Pastor Annette Damico for the last 40 years.  This is a ministry where miracles, healing, and victories are won. The Holy Spirit has preeminence in every area. 


The Early Years

 Pipe Organ Pizza Restaurant


Papa Peter DeLuca, Mama Jenny DeLuca


Annette, Jim, & Mario DeLuca,
and Pete Damico


Pipe Organ

The Middle Years


Pastor Annete & Pastor Pete Damico, and Elder Mario DeLuca


Pastor Annette Damico