Pastor Annette Damico

Senior Pastor
Phone: 414-525-0000

Pastor Annette Damico is the Senior Pastor of Pipeline to Jesus Church. Pastor Annette was married to Pete Damico for 40 years before he went home to be with the Lord. She has 3 children and 6 grandchildren. She will be celebrating 40 years of Ministry in November of 2020.

Pipeline to Jesus Church was started at its present location in 2005. It was initially birthed out of the family owned business, Pipe Organ Pizza on 6th and Oklahoma Avenue. Here the Lord told Pastor Annette that "Pipe Organ Pizza will become a Pipeline to Jesus, making it neutral ground and easier for people to know my name."

Pastor Annette has an energetic personality and is a fiery preacher. She is surrendered to Jesus and is a servant of the Lord. She stands up for truth and is bold in her preaching. Pastor Annette believes in the 9 gifts of the Holy Spirit as referenced in 1 Corinthians 12:8-10. The Revelation Gifts: Knowledge, Wisdom, and Discerning of Spirits. The Vocal Gifts: Diverse Kinds of Tongues, Interpretation of Tongues, and Prophecy. The Power Gifts: Faith, Healing, and the Working of Miracles. Pastor Annette has been blessed with the manifestation of healing and miracles.

Pastor Ron Van Weelden


Pastor Ron Van Weelden has been at Pipeline to Jesus Church since 2008. He accepted the Co-Pastor position in June of 2012. He holds a Bachelors Degree from both Dordt College and Iowa State University. He was a Youth Pastor for 15 years, a Youth Music Director for 5 years, Sunday School Teacher 10 years, and led the Nursing Home Ministry for 3 years before coming to Pipeline to Jesus.

At present, he is a part of the Praise and Worship Team, oversees the Media Department, is an anointed Bible teacher, and for the last 10 years he has directed the Prison Ministry.

He has 7 children and 16 grandchildren.





Dr. Gary Wood

Apostle and Overseer of 10 years

When Dr. Gary Wood was 18 years old, he was in an accident that claimed his life. He met Jesus face to face in heaven. Jesus commissioned him to return to earth and teach the people how to make Jesus real in their lives. Since that time, Dr. Gary Wood has seen many saved, delivered, and healed.

On July 26th, 2017, Gary met Jesus in heaven again, but this time Jesus kept him. Dr. Wood left a beautiful legacy behind.

One of his last messages: "We are on the edge of the greatest move of God that the church and the world has ever seen. The windows of heaven are opening and a Holy Ghost Revival is upon us. The Spirit of God will shake this world one last glorious time before the rapture of the church".